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First North American Landslide Conference from Sun Jun 3 2007 to Fri Jun 8 2007, Vail, Colorado, United States. Under the subtitle “Landslide and Society: Integrated Science, Engineering, Management. And Mitigation” a Regional Conference will be held with two major themes: “Monitoring and Management of Slopes” and “Evaluation and Control of Landslides”. The event is sponsored by the national groups of IAEG (AEG), ISRM (ARMA), and ISSMGE (GEO Institute of ASCE) in the USA. Participation is welcome for colleagues outside the USA.

For more information visit the Conference Website: http://www.mines.edu/academic/geology/landslidevail2007/

Prof Jian ZHAO, Honorary Member of the Society (SRMEG)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Monday 28 May, 2007 @5.00pm
CEE seminar room A, CEE, NTU (BLK N1: B1b-06)

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“Underground Space – the 4th Dimension of Metropolises” and the 33rd ITA-AITES GENERAL ASSEMBLY held May 5-10, 2007, in Prague, Czech Republic

The SRMEG was launched on 18 April at Yunnan Conner, Nanyang Technological University. Click here to download the slide presentation of the evening by Mr Zhang Xihu.

Prof Petr Prochazka from Czech Technical University, Czech Republic will be invited by the Underground Technology and Rock Engineering research programme, NTU. A short course on discrete element method and applications in rock engineering will be organized in February 2007

A two-day workshop on 3D Geological Information System and Engineering Practice has be jointed organized by PTRC and SREMG on 11-12 Jan 2007. Prof Zhu Hehua, Dr Li Xiaojun from Tongji University, China, Dr Geoff Zeiss, Autodesk, Inc., and Prof Tor Yam Khoon, NTU presented some recent developments and applications of 3DGIS. Geosoft and Basissoft did some demonstrations on their latest products.

Date and Time: 16:00-17:30pm, Jan 9, 2007
Venue: CEE seminar room A (B1b-06), NTU

Prof Yu Tongxi from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is invited by the Underground Technology and Rock Engineering research programme, NTU. He will give a public seminar about Energy Absorption Capacity of Advanced Materials on 5 Jan 2007.

A Special Lecture on Tunnelling - “Steel Fibre Reinforced Sprayed Concrete (SFRS) in Tunnel Linings” was delivered by Ir. Marc Vandewalle at Hotel Negara, Singapore on 14 Nov. 2006. Marc Vandewalle received his civil engineering degree from the Catholic University of Leuven in 1969. He joined Bekaert Belgium in 1980 and was involved in the development of Dramix steel fibres.

A coordination meeting of the 12th ISRM Congress (Beijing, 2011) with ISRM China NG (China Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering) has been organized on Nov. 12, 2007 in Singapore. The preparation of the 12th ISRM Congress is ongoing smoothly.