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SRMEG 30 Jun 2023 webinar


 Concrete Technology

Correct EN12390 testing of hardened concrete and the most common mistakes

by Mr. Hans-Heinrich Reuter, TESTING Bluhm and Feuerherdt GmbH

Friday, 30th June 2023 // 7.00 - 8.30 pm







This presentation will help engineers and technicians avoid the most common mistakes during the sample preparation, sample storage and finally during the physical sample test in the compression test machines as especially the sum of the mistakes can cause false results.





Mr. Hans-Heinrich Reuter studied civil engineering and obtained his M.Eng. at the University of Wismar and Dipl.-Ing. at the University of Luzern (Switzerland). Hans worked in Basler & Hofmann in the field of concrete engineering in Switzerland and technical business development in Southeast Asia based in Singapore where he was involved in large-scale tunnel projects. Due to the demanding test sequences of construction materials, Hans became an expert for servo hydraulic testing machines and for special tests for displacement and force-controlled test plants. His latest studies were made globally in the field of fibre concrete testing and concrete sleeper test plants as well as in the development of special testing devices for the mortar industry. Hans is currently CEO at TESTING Bluhm and Feuerherdt GmBH in Berlin, active in the field of laboratory equipment and laboratory machines for the construction and building industry. He is also an International Member of ASTM.




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