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SRMEG 25 August 2023 webinar



Concrete Technology - Concrete Strength Prediction

by Ms. Chang Qingyang, ConcreteAI

Friday, 25th August 2023 // 7.00 - 8.30 pm







In construction projects, it is important to know the strength of concrete at a early age because many decisions rely on this information. However, the current method of determining early-age concrete strength through cube testing is tedious and challenging. The strength development of a concrete structure is greatly influences by temperature and weather conditions. Cube strength does not accurately represent the actual in-situ strength in its early stages due to differences in volume and curing environment, which affect heat emission and strength determination. Moreover, the process of making concrete cubes relies heavily on human involvement, leading to issues like low breaks and inconsistent compressive test results.


To address these challenges, ConcreteAI has developed a proprietary technology that leverages IoT technology and the maturity method to assess real-time in-situ strength. This approach aims to enhance productivity and reduce resource wastage. The technology also includes sensors that can monitor temperature and differentials for mass concrete structures, mitigating the risk of early-age cracking. During the presentation, the speaker will elaborate the methodology of measuring in-situ concrete strength. She will also share how this technology has been successfully applied in various infrastructure, precast, and building projects.





Ms. Chang Qingyang is the CEO and Co-Founder of ConcreteAI. She has a background in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore. Her final year research paper has won the NUS Outstanding Research Prize and the Faculty of Engineering Innovation & Research High Achievement Award. She has worked in the industry as a site engineer, where she gained a strong understanding of construction planning and site operations.


ConcreteAI is a deep-tech spin-off from the National University of Singapore, the Philip Yeo Initiative, and Investors. The company's mission is to simplify construction processes on job sites, enhancing productivity and sustainability. ConcreteAI was also honoured with the Innovation Award at the Built Environment Demo Day 2022 organised by BCA Built Environment Technology Alliance.




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