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SRMEG 23 Jun 2023 webinar


 Underground Design

Principals of Ground Support for Tunnels

by Mr. Leo Ariza, Jacobs Australia

Friday, 23rd June 2023 // 7.00 - 8.30 pm







Tunnel support design abides by some basic principles, which are common to most situation. These principles have allowed us to understand the possible failure mechanisms that can take place when constructing a tunnel as they remain valid for almost all tunnels in a variety of ground types, spans and end use. This presentation aims to provide a broad overview of these principles and modes of failure as well as the strategies that have been developed in order to prevent tunnel collapses and to illustrate how the modern practice deals has been simplified and compiled to allow its application around the world. It also shows how tunnel reinforcement in the form of rock bolts, sprayed concrete, forepolling and concrete are deployed to serve a specific function within an excavation.





Mr. Leo Ariza is a Senior Principal Engineer with 25 years of experience in rail, road and services tunnel design from feasibility to detail level. He graduated with an MSc in Soil Mechanics & Environmental Geotechnics from Imperial College, London in 2000. He is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (MICE CEng) London from 2005. He has been involved in many projects including M6 Motorway Stage 1, Sydney Australia, Melbourne Metro, Melbourne, Australia, Bondi Scrubber Chamber, Sydney, Australia, Rozelle Interchange, Australia, S-Bahn Stammstrecke Munchen, Germany, Future Circular Collider, Switzerland/France and Swinna River Tunnel Poland. 



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