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SRMEG Seminar 29 April 2022

KOINOR - A cement-free shotcrete for the upgrading of tunnels and underground infrastructure

by Mr. Louis Fraser, T&M Specialists

Friday, 29 April 2022 // 7.00pm to 8.30pm






Fire events in tunnels may have a disastrous effect on the structural integrity of the tunnel if the reinforcement temperature rises above 300 C in the inner lining. That said, a concrete cover of at least 6 cm is defined a normative requirement within the framework of the currently valid German guidelines for road and railway tunnels, ZTV-ING and RIL 853. Other countries share similar recommendations and guidelines.



In the German research project KOINOR "Concepts and methods for fire protection

improvement and upgrading of underground traffic structures" a cement free

shotcrete is being developed, which possibly can fulfil the requirements of the above mentioned guidelines In order to assess the suitability of the developed shotcrete as a fire protection coating, both the spalling tendency and the temperature distribution in the material are investigated when exposed to fire But the shotcrete has some additional features that come along with its fire resistance In times of increasing discussions about the carbon footprint of the cement industry, it is of welcomed advantage to propose a cement free concrete, that additionally offers a full resistance against sulphate and an increased resistance against chloride On a side note, we encountered stunning phenomena with the fresh concrete, for instance a surprising workability in combination with steel fibres.





Dr.-Ing Gotz Vollmann, Head of Research at the Institute for Tunnelling & Construction Management, Ruhr University Bocum.


Main areas teaching at Ruhr-University: Project management, risk analysis, fire protection of underground facilities, tunnelling, utility tunnelling, operation + maintenance of underground structures.


Main areas research at Ruhr-University: technology for mechanised tunnelling and pipe jacking, sprayed concrete, operation and maintenance of tunnels and utility lines, safety and security in underground structures.


Total of 110 publications: 25 journal papers, 95 conference papers and technical notes. 50 seminar and training course presentations. 2 patents.


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