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SRMEG Seminar 28 Jan 2022

Real-Time Monitoring

by Mr. Darrin Couch and Mr. Steven Sparrow, Global Sensing Solutions, Hong Kong

Friday, 28 January 2022 // 7.00pm to 8.30pm






The ability to obtain timely sensor data, convert it to useful information and deliver it to the right people for action are a fundamental requirement for construction industry sensors. To achieve this, sensors need to support real-time monitoring and dynamic reconfiguration to cope with needs of each project, while also taking staff safety and environmental impact into consideration.


Mr. Darrin Couch - Over 25 years in the I.T. industry in various management and consulting roles in Asia. He holds a BSc in both Management and Management Information Systems, He is the co-founder/COO of Global Sensing Solutions, where he is responsible for the company's strategic direction. He regularly meets with construction industry to understand their challenges and how technology can be applied to solve them.


Mr. Steven Sparrow - Over 30 years in the electronics and I.T. industry with the last 15 years focused on the development of wireless sensors used in sports science and geotechnical purposes. He is the founder of Insight Sports and co-founder/CTO of Global Sensing Solutions, where he designs and builds sensor technology to meet the monitoring needs of the construction industry. 


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